1. Vouchers are activated on the 10th - 20th and the 30th of the month
  2. They are then valid for 3 months and can only be exchanged at the NeverlandShop online or in the store
  3. The voucher cannot be partially used
  4. This has a minimum spending amount of the value voucher +10% (e.g. voucher of €50 + €5 = minimum spend of €55)
  5. The voucher will automatically appear in your shopping cart
  6. Only a limited number of vouchers are available per item
  7. As soon as the numbers have been reached, the voucher will no longer appear in the shopping cart and the promotion for the selected item is over. (We have to remove the photo manually, this does not entitle the voucher!)
  8. Only 1 voucher is awarded per customer per item
  9. The voucher will be sent with the order
  10. The order at UnBirthdayGift.Shop cannot be combined with other current orders, it must be paid and shipped immediately or collected within 3 working days.
  11. You can use this for PreOrders, but if the PreOrder is canceled for whatever reason, the voucher will expire